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Windy Hill Biewers

We enjoy showing our Biewers with several of the rare breed show venues throughout the year.  We get to meet lots of other dog fanciers and breeders and have made many new friends.  We also get to show off our Biewers and get them public exposure.  Being a rare breed Biewers are not well known and are always getting attention at shows, pet expos and exhibitions.  We hope you enjoy seeing pictures of our show experiences.

NAKC Chantilly Classic
Bull Run Park, VA
September '07

NAKC Reading Classic
BBCI Specialty
Reading, PA
March '08

      NAKC Battleship Classic
Norfolk, VA
April '08

Keystone State Spring Sieger
Washington, PA
         May '08           

NAKC Wolverine Classic
Ann Arbor, MI
June '08

Keystone State Summer Sieger
Pottstown, PA
August '08

Christmas Sieger
Conyers, GA
December '08

Queen City Sieger
Cinncinati, OH
January '09

Reading Classic
BBCA Biewer Specialty
Reading, PA
March '09

Steel City Sieger
Pittsburg, PA
May '09

Monmouth Classic II
Monmouth Battlefield Park, NJ
August '09

Niagara Falls Classic
BBCC Specialty
September '09